Thursday, 6 February 2014

Recent magazine article highlighting our work

While we've been busy on fieldwork and analysing the sediments we've collected, we're also keen to keep publishing our findings and updating people on where we're at with our research. Back in September our first academic paper on Chilean earthquakes was published in Quaternary Science Reviews. This month we've written an article in International Innovation magazine, produced by Research Media Ltd. The Environment issue of this magazine disseminates current global environmental issues to the wider

Coring, coring, coring (+Videos)

Much of our last field season was spent coring tidal marsh sediments. See previous posts for more details on what we do both in the field and back in the labs. In order to sample sediments several metres below the ground surface we use a sediment corer - either a gouge corer (for reasonably consolidated sediments) or a Russian corer (in peats or more unconsolidated sediments). Here is a short video showing us using a gouge corer at Chaihuin, with the invaluable help of Bill Austin from St Andrews University.