Monday, 2 November 2015

EGU 2016 session: Geological records of extreme wave events

Abstract submission has just opened for the 2016 European Geoscience Union General Assembly, to be held in Vienna from 17-22nd April. We invite you to submit abstracts for our session on Geological records of extreme wave events.

The session is co-organised between the Natural Hazards, Geomorphology and Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palaeontology programme groups (session NH5.7/GM12.6/SSP3.20) and is sponsored by the International Association of Sedimentologists


Geological records of extreme wave events (co-organized)

Convener: Ed Garrett 
Co-Conveners: Jessica Pilarczyk, Max Engel, Dominik Brill, Matthias May

Tsunamis and storm surges pose significant hazards to coastal communities around the world. Geological investigations, including both field studies and modelling approaches, significantly enhance our understanding of these events. Past extreme wave events may be reconstructed based on sedimentary and geomorphological evidence from low and high energy environments, from low and high latitude regions and from coastal and offshore areas. The development of novel approaches to identifying, characterising and dating evidence for these events supplements a range of established methods. Nevertheless, the differentiation between evidence for tsunamis and storms still remains a significant question for the community. Numerical and experimental modelling studies complement and enhance field observations and are crucial to improving deterministic and probabilistic approaches to hazard assessment. This session welcomes contributions on all aspects of paleo-tsunami and paleo-storm surge research, including studies that use established methods or recent interdisciplinary advances to reconstruct records of past events, or forecast the probability of future events.

This session is sponsored by the International Association of Sedimentologists and we invite students to apply to the IAS for funding to attend the conference:


To submit an abstract, click on the link on the session page of the EGU website. Check out the info page for more details on how to submit. Abstract submission closes on 13th January. 

We hope to see you in Vienna. 

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