Saturday, 30 January 2016

Thailand tsunami fieldwork

Evelien Boes and I are currently in Thailand. For the next two weeks we'll be investigating tsunami deposits in coastal locations in Phang Nga Province with Kruawun Jankaew from Chulalongkorn University. Evelien will be blogging about our trip over at the UGent Fieldbook. Her first post covers the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and includes some chilling videos taken in the area in which we will be working.
00:00 retreated sea with approaching wave, lots of tourists are still standing on the beach or even walking into the plain in front of the tsunami, having no clue about what was going to happen…, 02:30 “What is that?!?, woman suggests a seaquake causing enormous waves, brushed off by her husband who utters in disbelief “This is madness!”, 03:40 military and fishermen’s boats in trouble, 05:00 they decide to flee only after 5 minutes 05:27 mentioning of the word “tsunami”, after which panic breaks loose, 09:00 view on swirling water mass in the coastal plain where they were standing minutes ago [timings from Evelien Boes]

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